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Fun Music Stuff: Get Your Kids Dancing with Mr. Elephant!

Want some fresh dance and learning tunes for your little ones? Then you’ll love rockin' out with Mr. Elephant’s Songs for the Young, Old, and In Between.

So, what makes it so great? Mr. Elephant’s original songs use bossa novas, shuffles, and pop rhythms to provide an interesting twist on songs for kids. To me and my kids, the three songs that stood out were Uncle Dunk, When You Gotta Go, and Dance, Dance, Dance.

Uncle Dunk is an upbeat shuffle that has lyrics that are like Farmer in the Dell meets We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. As soon as I put on the music, my youngest son and daughter started to tap along with their feet. To say the least, the groove gets you right away.

Trying to teach your kids to use the potty? Then When you Gotta Go is a great way to keep the idea of using the potty in your child’s head. The tune is catchy and the message is clear, when you have to go, get to it. My oldest kids also enjoyed the tune because it talks about going to the bathroom, which is always hilarious.

The song that my daughter could not resist and gave two thumbs up was Dance, Dance, Dance. This song has the workings of a good pop tune; so, it won’t drive you crazy. Also, it is the perfect time to get the wiggles out and transition into reading or quiet time. This song is just too fun.

Check out Mr. Elephant’s music at:

You can also dance along on his YouTube channel at:

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